Tilex XL

TILEX XL is a blended powder polymer modified cement based tile adhesive specially designed for heavy duty tile applications like granite, mosaic on internal/external vertical surfaces. This highly flexible adhesive also has an excellent waterproofing ability also. TILEX - XL is suitable for fixing Ceramic, Glazed surfaces, Natural Stones, etc., on a new substrate & tile on tile applications.


For heavy duty vertical cladding like natural stones & large format tiles on internal/external applications and tile on tile applications as well as the swimming pool tiling applications.


  • Ready to use, needs only mixing with water
  • Excellent adhesion, low shrinkage
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Sufficiently flexible to accommodate Thermal & physical movements
  • Needs no curing and soaking of substrate or tile
  • Needs no hacking or mechanical key on the surface
  • Use mechanical clamps for holding the heavy stones in positions on vertical surface TILEX -XL also can be applied at 3-mm thickness for fixing of normal tiles in toilets and swimming pool area. Mix TILEX - TG powder with water in ratio 2.5: 1 (1 water to 2.5 TILEX - TG) and press it firmly in joints. After grouting clean and polish tiles with a damp sponge or cloth.


  • Base   : Polymer modified cementitious material
  • Appearance   : Cement Grey Powder
  • Mix ratio   : Approx. 3 : 1 (by vol).
  • Open time   : Approx. 10 - 15 minutes at 30°C
  • Pot life  : Approx. 2 hrs at 30°C
  • Coverage   : 60 - 70 sqft/30Kg bag at 3 mm thickness
  •   30 - 35 sqft/30Kg bag at 6mm thickness
  • Trafficable time : 24 hrs (max.)


  • Heavy tiles must be supported by mechanical clamps while fixing on the vertical surface.
  • Always add powder to water and not water to powder.
  • Do not add more water than recommended.
  • Do not add sand or cement at site.
  • Before doing tile-on-tile application, ensure that the original tiling surface in sound condition.
  • This product is strictly not recommended for the direct use on gypsum plaster, paint, wood & metal. For such applications apply BOND REPAIR over a dry & clean surface. Thereafter within 60 mins start applying TILEX -XL paste. Particularly for application over wood/metal the surface must be sufficiently rigid & stable to receive tile and capable of carrying the load of tiles without excessive deflection.
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